Awkward Moment of the Week

Can I be honest with you guys? My life is full of awkward hilarious moments. I will prove it to you all by repeating these embarrassing stories to you once a week. Besides, I know you guys like reading these because you like to creep on my life. That’s why you’re reading my blog right now. At least I hope someone likes to creep on me and is interested in my life….anyway! 

Awkward Moment:

This happened just yesterday. As most of you know, I’m a college student. I have my own private room on campus in an all girls’ dorm. Last night at around 6:30 pm I was eating my dinner that I had taken from the cafeteria to my room. But then, something awful happened……I. GOT. THIRSTY. I’m sure some of you are like “Ndi, that’s normal when you’re eating.” But here’s where things got increasingly awkward. There was no water in my room, but there was a water fountain right outside my door. Ahem..and I don’t know about anyone else but when I get home, I want to get comfortable. So what did I do? I, uh, how do you say? Took my pants off. However, the shirt I was wearing yesterday was pretty long and it kind of looked like a short dress…like a really short dress. 

So I don’t know if you can read my mind at this point, but I was getting desperately thirsty and desperate situations make me do ridiculous things. And I DID NOT want to put those pants back on. I mean, I had just gotten comfortable. Sometimes guys walk through my dorm, but it really isn’t often that I see them. So I thought to myself, “Maybe I can make it to the water fountain, fill my cup with water, and no one will see me.” So I poked my head out of my door, like a cartoon character, and looked down the hallway only to find it was empty. And of course I’m thinking “Yes!!! Victory is mine!! The Lord loves me and He knows I don’t love pants!!” So I run out there to the water fountain with my huge cup looking quite ridiculous, might I add. I’m thinking, “Come on!! Can’t this water fountain spit out this water any faster??” And probably, not even 10 seconds after I start filling my cup, a girl who is a CA at my dorm starts walking down my long hallway. I can see her making funny faces from far away and she says hello. I say hi with my eyes big and shifty. I was just hoping somehow she didn’t notice how ridiculous I looked…which is the dumbest thing to hope for since I can’t make myself invisible and she still had eyes. 

I went back in my room thinking “Dang, it. I thought I could make it.” Hahaha. I don’t know why I did it. Maybe I like the rush of trying not to get caught. This awkward moment I definitely brought upon myself.

I actually did this same thing last semester except my neighbor came out and was leaving her dorm and saw me. She made this horrified disgusted face at me and left as fast as she could. I could not stop laughing later. Hahahaha! It really wasn’t that bad. She was weird anyway.. Oh well. I guess the past is in the past, isn’t it? 🙂