Awkward Moment of the Week #2

So I’m a little late on this week’s awkward moment, but I want everyone to know that I didn’t forget.  There were plenty of  awkward moments to choose from.  I try to censor them, so they’re rated G, but I want  my audience to know, these are my real life raw awkward moment experiences.

So this weekend,I was attending a women’s church retreat that a friend invited me to. They started off with a fun interactive murder-mystery party that was themed circus. My character was a sideshow act who happened to be a three-boobed bearded woman. Just let that sink in for a moment. Honestly, my costume wasn’t what was awkward. I’m just throwing that in there because it’s funny. Before I was leaving to go on this women’s retreat, I was rushing to get my costume together and doing my laundry at the same time. Recall again that I live in an all girls dorm on my college campus. So before I take off for the retreat, I run upstairs to get my laundry, but halfway up the stairs I realized I forgot my laundry basket. Of course, I was like there’s no way I’m going back now.  So I get to the laundry room and try to carry my huge load of laundry in my arms without dropping anything. Yes I TRIED and THOUGHT I succeeded. So me with my happy self, plopped my laundry on my bed and went on my merry way.

The next morning when I returned from the retreat, I was about to open my door to my room when my friend came out of the stairwell (my room is located right across from the stairwell) and said hi to me. Usually, I don’t use the stairs because I live on the first floor, but when my friend came out of the stairwell I saw something red out of the corner of my eye. I went in the stairwell and saw the”something red” was my underwear…. Not only was it my underwear but it was the weird pair of underwear I own that has a traffic sign on the butt and says “Curves Ahead” . My eyes got big and I was thinking, “Oh my gosh. How long has that been there???” But that was a dumb question to think because I knew they had been there one night. Durrrrrrr. I grabbed them really quick and threw them in my room. Who knows how many eyes have seen my little secret?

Reem and I at the murder mystery party.

Reem and I at the murder mystery party.




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