Awkward Moment of the Week: Weird Nigerian Girl

So this week’s awkward moment award goes to this story. 

I’m a music major and sometimes I saw this guy I didn’t know in the music building. Even though I didn’t know him I would say hi just  because I saw him so often. That’s what I do with anyone I see a lot but don’t know. So one day this week as I’m getting off work, I start walking towards the back of the music building and I see him sitting on a bench listening to music. As I’m approaching he looks like he’s laughing at something. I smile and say hi. At this point I still haven’t actually met him. He takes out one of his earbuds still kind of laughing and says “Hi. What’s your name?” I tell him my name and he’s still kind of laughing and says, “I saw a video of you dancing on Facebook through one of our mutual friends.” At first I was thinking to myself, “Dancing??? Is he sure that was me??” Then I remembered. I made a video of me dancing to Ibibio (a Nigerian language) praise music and speaking in Ibibio. Hahaha! I was being really silly and making all sorts of weird faces and doing dances that my dad does. Haha well… he’s seen a glimpse of how weird I am. Dang it! Now I can’t even pretend to be normal. Now I know why he was laughing. What a great introduction. 





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