Golden Awkward Moment #4: Saved by the Bell

Sorry I’ve been behind on updating everyone about my awkward life. I will do my best to update as much as possible.

This week’s awkward moment by far deserves a gold medal. It’s quite hilarious. Actually God has a really funny sense of humor. There’s never a dull moment with Him.

Let me rewind to last week Friday. Last week Friday a guy approached me and was talking me up because he was interested in me. He was actually really polite, but right now I could care less about guys unless it is the right one. Let me tell you, I could tell from what little conversation that this guy was not right for me. I’m tired of guys that are just a distraction and randomly pop in my life but actually have no purpose. So Dylan (not his real name) , towards the end of our conversation asked for my number. I didn’t really want to give it to him, but he was just so polite. I thought to myself “Think quick Ndi! You know, you should really have a response ready when stuff like this happens.” I didn’t know what else to say so I was like “Sure…” Don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking. I texted him later and told him I was really focused on the Lord and wasn’t looking for any kind of romantic interest or fling. He replied that he thinks it’s amazing that I’m a God fearing woman and that he wants to come to church with me. I was just thinking to myself “Haha okay! Like I haven’t heard that one before. And why don’t you already go to church??” All I said was okay and he said,”I’m serious.” After that I stopped responding. Haha! 

That was just to give you some background on who this character Dylan is. So Monday morning, I got off work and went to eat lunch around 12:00 at my university’s campus cafeteria. Everyone knows that’s the busiest time to eat. I was eating by myself because I wasn’t really planning to go with friends, I just went. I was lucky to get a table. Anyway, so I’m eating and looking down at my food with my hair in my face. Then Dylan walks in….. My eyes were about to pop out of my head. He walked right past me though because he didn’t recognize me. BUT he sat at a table literally 3 feet behind me. In my little head I thought if I just didn’t text him back the whole situation would disappear. Silly Ndi. He goes to the same school as you.

What was my reaction when this happened? I immediately got up, left all my food and stuff, and hid halfway across the cafeteria behind a wall near the dessert. Haha! I called my good friend, Jovita and said “Jovita!! Where are you??? I need you to come eat with me!! Dylan is here!!” Her: “Oooo! Really? I want to see him! I’m coming.” And I kid you not she was there in less than a minute and a half and showed up while we were still talking on the phone. Hahaha! While all this is happening I’m praying “Lord, please help me.” And he answered my prayer in seconds!! You’ll never guess what happened. 


It was like something out of a movie. Everyone in the whole cafeteria had to clear out. I was so happy. God is funny. He said, “Oh no. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Dylan you have to go!” Haha! I love God!! I could not stop laughing. Cheers to me being awkward and a close call to an even more awkward moment.




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