Awkward Moment: Almost Killed a Cat

This one happened just last week. It was hot. I was ready to leave to where I needed to go,but Cute Face was sitting on top of my car!! Cute Face is the neighbor’s cat. She’s quite annoying more than cute. Every time I open my front door to leave my apartment, there she is staring at me, meowing at me, being needy. This time I was not playing games with her. I looked square in her glassy green eyes and spoke to here woman to woman, or should I say woman to cat? “Cute Face, you’re going to have get off the roof of my car because I’m leaving and I’m not going to stop driving just because you’re there.” She just blinked at me with her haughty self. She probably didn’t think I would do it, but I was dead serious. I started driving and right before I was about to hit the big hump in the road that lets me out of my driveway, I hear a faint voice yelling, “Stop! Stop! STOP!” I looked around. It was my neighbor. No way! I never see him outside! I’ve been caught! I got out the car and he said, “There’s a cat on top of your car and she’s not getting off!” I played it off like I never saw Cute Face there. “Oh! Wow! How’d she get there?? Oh! Poor Cute Face!” He laughed and said, “That was a close one.” I laughed as I scooped her off the back of my roof, but my laugh was fake. I knew what I was doing. When the owner had his back turned, I squinted at Cute Face as if to say, “I told you not to try me Cute Face. This isn’t over.”