Awkward Moment: Spongebob & Fine Dining Don’t Mix?

This summer my sister and I made a trip back from Dallas, Texas, to Redding, California. This particular traveling trip took rather long. After arriving at the airport in San Francisco, we took an Uber to the bus station. We flew for over 5 hours and were starting to get a little delirious from hunger. We were early though and our bus wasn’t taking off for another 2 hours. We asked the man at the front desk if we could check in our luggage and he said yes. We struggled with the self check-in, weighing our bags. After about 20 minutes of struggling we finally got the tags for our luggage. We asked the man at the front desk to take it thinking we could finally venture off to find food. He was like, “I’m not taking that! An old man left his suitcase here two weeks ago and said he would be right back. He never came back. You have to check in your luggage when the bus gets here.” He sounded bitter about the old man. I wish he would’ve told us that before we struggled at the self check-in. This bus station was weird. There was an old black man pacing, speaking loudly in Spanish, but then he would speak in English using all types of ebonics, saying he was from “O-Town”. It was very peculiar. He got really close to where I was sitting and looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes like I was a newborn baby and said “Hi, Heaven.” Then he turned, walked away and said bye.

This bus station was doing the most. Sister and I were going to take our chances and take all our luggage to find food. The only place we could find nearby was a fine dining restaurant about a block away. We walked in with three suitcases and a guitar. The hostess gave us the strangest look. I was wearing my SpongeBob leggings and sweatshirt. Who really dresses up for the plane anyway? Sister and I ordered the cheapest thing on their menu, octopus and french fries. I know. We’re fancy brauds. It was hilarous because a lot of the staff was looking at us funny. They were all dressed in collared shirts and bow ties. Most of their customers were also coming in dressed to the nines and had already made reservations. To say the least, we were under-dressed and stuck out like sore thumbs. The whole situation was quite ironic. We gave no explanation though.We paid and the staff said “Good luck to wherever you’re going!” On the way back to the bus station, we laughed hysterically at the situation until tears almost came out.